Staples Engineer DIY Print * One step further.....

Super large Engineer Prints form STAPLES are all the rage these days. 
I decided to take my DIY Print one .. actually Two steps further.

Love the way the print came out! and the paper quality was a little better than I expected
I chose a Picnic picture of my beautiful granddaughter to give as a surprise to my Daughter and Son in law
I mounted it on a sheet of builders styrene from Home Depot Painting the edges in black
It was so easy to install.. being so incredibly lightweight... 4 pieces of mounting adhesive was plenty
They will be so surprised when they get back from their trip :)
I hand colored the flower for a bit of a "POP"
Added some glitz.. pearls and diamonds.. My daughter is a girly girl..
A little color..

When they came home I got the call.. a squealing happy daughter... 
Thank You MoM **** That was enough for me :) :)
This project was under $20.00 can you believe it!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a beautiful process. Thank you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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