BIG GEODE ~ 2' x 4' Freeform Geode

I was commissioned to do a large 2' x 4' geode.
what a fun experience, I have left a rocky side and
 co-ordintaed the colors to go with the clients living room.
From start to finish.
laying out the base colors on the form

ready for some sparkle and glitz

creating a center point

first layer of resin
mock up of its new home

Ga Ga over Geodes!!!

Deep Blue Sea Agate ~ AVAILABLE

Pharohs Gold Geode Pair ~ AVAILABLE

Blue Pool ~ SOLD

Beached Geode ~ AVAILABLE
I have been loving creating thes beautiful Jewels!
I try to keep them raw and organic leaving a crust like edge and a free form shape.
These look amaing in person, it is hard to capture the sheer beauty of these 
hand crafted hand painted geodes. 
They would look amazing on your wall or book shelf.
Super light weight they hang snug against the wall with just a push-pin!
Contact me if you are intereted in any of these available geodes.
I have a special 2' x 4' commission that i am very excited to work on. 
I do take special commissions so email me and lets talk!

Chalkboards* Chalkboards* Chalkboards---

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ZeeZee Chalkboards are wonderfully unique!!
Instead of just a flat colored surface... these boards go the extra distance...
Bas-relief texture makes your eyes POP!! The colors are absurdly ZeeZee!
Any Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Lounge, Deli, just about anywhere 
would benefit from a ZeeZee Chalkboard!
Choose from many of my unique applications..
I can add 3-D elements with my special cut-outs..
Crazy Carved Frames like none you have ever seen...
Bas-Relief texture...
Metallics, Foaming Mugs of Beer...
Sweet shapes and sizes..
Handsome vinyl roll-ups..easy ship easy install..
Eyepoppin' Painted boards..
Anything Goes...
Home or business.. CONTACT me and we will get started
on your ZeeZee Board!!!

I am never happier than when I am designing and creating a custom chalkboard for someones home or business!


Chalkboards also make great custom gifts!
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This New Year Brings a lot of excitement for me.....
I didn't wait until the New Year to start my Fitness/Weight loss journey and am happy to say I am down 8lbs.. have definitely transferred a few pounds to muscle along the way!
We invested in a good treadmill and
I am loving my Nike Fuel Band SE!
I have also discovered the love of making nutritious delicious smoothies.
I have found and love the recipes that FullyRawKristina shares on her YouTube channel..
Smiling and so naturally beautiful, contagious with her happiness....

I am off to Varadero Cuba in a week and am so excited to re-connect with old friends.
It has probably been over 20 years that I have gone anywhere for a two week stretch!
My dear girlfriend and her parents (like my own) are meeting me there for two weeks of Reboot * Unwind * Inspiration * Relaxation * Reconnection
My Girlfriend lived in Cuba for Ten years and I have been 
there many times in the mid 80's to early 90's to see her.
So I will be seeing old Cuban friends as well.
Love Havana, the Malecon

I plan on coming back Rejuvenated and Inspired to create some new art
for this is a whole New Year and I plan on having the best year EVER!!

Cheers and Thanks to All those who 
have purchased my Art and Chalkboards in the past! 

Another Round Of Birch Bark Plaques

I love how these birch Bark Plaques turn out!
They are thick and chunky like wood, yet are incredibly light!
Fun Keepsakes for the nature lovers..
Birch Bark carving has a wonderful nostalgic feel...
These plaques can be customized to be save the date... favorite sayings..

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