Valentines.. A little Birdy Told Me!

A Gift of Art is a Gift From The Heart!
Valentine’s Day will be here
Before you know it!
Aside from the Flowers and the Chocolates
Say I Love You with an Artifact Plaque!
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Primitive Happy Totems - Tribal Rustic Coastal

 Hand Crafted and Hand Painted these fun
 Rustic Totems adorn any space in your home.
Created from lightweight styrene I carve each one
 adding a soft yarn to hang.
Co-ordinated with the popular Boho style.

Family Stone Custom Crests ~ Wedding Season is soon approaching! Perfect Gift!

My Family Stone Customized Crests make a wonderful personalized gift!
Simple, Sweet and Sentimental, these crests are built on the newlyweds loves and desires.
I draw and color these custom keepsakes ..
 I add glints of goldleaf and frame 
with a regal gold and wooden frame.
Name the date.. 
Add the wedding date.. a favorite pet.. they love the mountains? the beach?
These are warmly colored monocromatic and simply make a a loving statement.

I work with you to create the perfect gift.
it starts with a email conversation and then a sketch.

I not only create custom Family Stone Crests I create crests 
with loved quotes, favorite song lyrics,
or anything that has meaning to you.

Wedding are not the only time you can give these great crests!!
Anniversarys, birthdays, any occasion!

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Minimal Style Textured Angel Wings
One of a kind.. each feather handpainted with gold leaf detail.
available HERE

Angel Wings

Romantic, Spiritual, Calming, Keepsake, Tribute


I created a couple pairs of these large and in charge wings..
I sold both sets and have had many many requests for more.
I found the process enjoyable but quite laborous.
Unfortunatly shipping  these large wings is very costly 
and takes a lot of time to package.

So I have come up with a great way to make these wings
 any color, any size, any shape..

For display purposes I tacked these wings in place to show how they look.
Once they are pasted down they would lay flat against the wall.
  • easily installed with spray glue or wallpaper paste 
  • large size rolls up for easy shipping
  • any shape.. flying or folded wings
  • any color.. silver accents gold accents
  • cut out looks good on any wall
  • mount them anywhere.. wall, closet door, bedroom, livingroom
  • take them with you! easy removal sturdy vinyl not paper!
  • one or two wing option
  • hand crafted handpainted vinyl  

If you are interested in a pair of ANGEL WINGS
I create these on your specifications.
email me for a consult and a quote.

BIG GEODE ~ 2' x 4' Freeform Geode

I was commissioned to do a large 2' x 4' geode.
what a fun experience, I have left a rocky side and
 co-ordintaed the colors to go with the clients living room.
From start to finish.
laying out the base colors on the form

ready for some sparkle and glitz

creating a center point

first layer of resin
mock up of its new home

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