Paper Clay Art Sculptures

Hand sculpted Hand crafted Paper Clay Busts
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Artistic Abstracts Acrylic Artwork

Large Hand Crafted Angel Wings Available 2 Versions

One happy customer! Love it when I get 

Photos of my work in their new homes!!

Each Wing is 18" x 52" x 1"
Wing Span at top can be 4-5 feet
depending on how you position them.
Light as a feather crafted from Styrene.

Available to order

$1200 US plus shipping &handling 
Because shipping and handling can be very expensive
 on a large item as this I also create
wallpaper vinyl versions of this that can be rolled and shipped
$850.00 US plus shipping & handling

Email me and lets get started!


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Mermaids Need Coffee Too!! Great Mermaid Lovers Design!

Mermaids need coffee too!

This Adorable Beachy design is now available in my

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Cute little Mermaid and Coffee Cup Design.

Great for Gift Giving or for Your Inner Mermaid!

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